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Lessons Learned from the Naked Run

We love it, we hate it, we wait for it every year: the Fun Day Naked Run. Each Fun Day has a slightly different build-up than outcome, whether good or bad, and the infamous Naked Run is no different.

Have you been inspired by this weekend’s Run to bare it all on the green next year? Or are you still struggling to forget what you saw? To make sure everyone’s on the same page, we laid out some expectations and realities for all parties involved. Come next Fun Day, you’ll know exactly where to be (and what to be wearing) for the Naked Run.

The Runner

Expectation: Finally my skin can feel the warm sun for the first time in months!
Reality: Maybe I should have kept my blindingly pale skin in hiding… Fun Day sunglasses, anyone?

Expectation: I love my body! I can’t wait to show it off proudly!
Reality: Sort of forgot about the whole running, bouncing thing…

Expectation: I can’t wait to run around naked in a socially acceptable atmosphere!
Reality: Wait, is that Sheldon Solomon? Scratch that.

Expectation: No one will even remember I did this, anyway!
Reality: Yes, yes that was me…


The Spectator

Expectation: I wonder if I’ll know anyone running! The anticipation is so exciting.
Reality: Oh no, I sit next to that guy in class… here’s to Monday being completely awkward.

Expectation: I’m probably going to see so many secretly gorgeous bodies!
Reality: Well that’s not really the discovery I wanted to make…

Expectation: It all happens so fast, there’s really not time to be disturbed by them.
Reality: Wait… they left their clothes right by my blanket and now they’re mingling… naked… right next to me.

Expectation: I will never do the Naked Run.
Reality: Whoops…

Whether you ran, whether you watched, or whether you just heard about it, the Naked Run probably impacted you in some way. We can only hope that the effects weren’t too scarring… and, hey, if they were, there’s always next year!

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