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Julie Jursik ‘15

Julie Jursik ‘15

“I got my skirt from Urban Outfitters, my top and tights from American Apparel and my shoes are from Target!”


How would you describe your style?

Usually, laid-back. I tend to go for more comfortable pieces but every once in a while I like to go with a little bit of flair

What made you want to dress up so cute in the middle of a busy week?

I just woke up today and felt like being fancy! This week has been warmer so I wanted to celebrate spring without going too overboard.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

I have a white and gray crop sweater that I absolutely love. I can wear it with anything!

Where’s your favorite place to shop?

H&M is affordable and trendy. You can find anything from professional to party clothes.


Get the look

Pairing a brightly colored, floral skirt with dark colors is a professional way to celebrate the season!

Floral Skirt, Delias ($24.50)

Scoop-back bodysuit, American Apparel ($32)


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