Jonathan Ogunleye, '17 (Member of Inter-Class Council)

Name: Jonathan Ogunleye

Class Year: 2017

Major: Social Work 


HC: How long has the ICC been planning Fun Day and what are you most excited to see/experience?

JO: The Inter-Class Council (ICC) has been planning Fun Day since the semester started. There have been a lot of conversations and meetings that have taken place regarding Fun Day between ICC and the administration to make sure that everyone can stay safe whille saying goodbye to the semester.

I am most excited about this Fun Day becasue it is my last regular Fun Day as a student and the last time that I attended Fun Day was two years ago because I was abroad last year. I am ready to experience this Fun Day with my friends before we graduate. This semester was a really long and stressful semester and Fun Day signifies that the semester is coming to an end.


HC: What changes can we expect to see at Fun Day this year?

JO: One of the biggest changes that everyone can expect to see at Fun Day is that we will have fencing around the area where Fun Day takes place. We are trying something new this year, per the recommedation of Campus Safety, to make Campus Safety's job easier. Do not be alarmed by the fencing! There will be more than one exit point for people attending Fun Day. We are not trying to cage everyone up like animals, but rather just trying help Campus Safety's job at keeping everyone safe easier.

Another big change is that Wafflefest will be taking place in DHALL the morning of Fun Day (10am-12pm). This is to ensure that everyone has access to food, regardless of if you live in the dorms or the apartments.


HC: What is your number one piece of advice for students to enjoy this Fun Day? 

JO: My number one piece of advice is to remain an active bystander before, during, and after Fun Day. We want to ensure that eveyone is safe during Fun Day and one way to do so is with the help and support of everyone. If you see someone in need of help please do not hesitate to call SCEMS or Campus Safety. They will also be present during Fun Day, but your help as an active bystander will definitely make their job easier.


HC: What can students to do ensure the continuation of this Skidmore tradition?

JO: The number one way for students to make sure that this Skidmore tradition continues is to watch the amount of alcohol that they are drinking at to look out for their friends also. Too many people get sent to the hosiptal every year and the administratiion does not appreciate that aspect of Fun Day. 


HC: What has favorite Fun Day memory from all the years you've been at Skidmore?

JO: My favorite Fun Day memory was from my very first Fun Day in 2014. I had heard about Fun Day from everyone else and was extremely excited but I still was not expecting it to be as massive as it was. That first moment when I got to green was so surreal and amazing. I didn't know how to contain myself. It was just so unbelievable seeing and experiencing what Fun Day was.