Jess Bowen: Underrated Girl Crush of the Century

Last week we blessed you all (and ourselves) with our first ever teen heartthrob theme week. In my three years here at HC Skidmore, I don't know if I've ever seen our writers get so excited about a theme week or about their articles. Drowning in finals, in capstones, in shitty weather (seriously, I think the snow is up to my knees) and end of semester existential crises, teen heartthrob week reminded us that there are things in this bleak winter that still give us butterflies. I, for one, loved every single second of it. 

One thing was missing from teen heartthrob week, though, and that was girls. I knew that we should include some female heartthrobs because not all of our readership--nor our writership--is straight. So, I offered to be the first, because 1. why not? and 2. I knew exactly who I wanted to write about.

The Summer Set has been one of my favorite bands since I was a freshman in high school, but I hadn't seen them live until this year (I was too busy going to every single All Time Low show in the tristate area in high school, tbh). This year, I saw them twice. The first time was my last week Scotland studying abroad, when my best friend came to visit me. She didn't know anything about The Summer Set, but she got off her flight from Newark to Edinburgh and got pretty immediately onto a train to Glasgow with me, en route to see them at The Garage. 

I'm pretty sure I fell in love that night. And it wasn't with the lead singer. 

So, what follows in this article are the ten reasons I'm pretty sure Jess Bowen, drummer of the The Summer Set, is the love of my life. And, yes, I know I said Niall Horan is the love of my life last week. Let me live. Today we're here to talk about Jess. Because The Summer Set is, in my opinion, and underrated band, I find that Jess is a pretty underrated crush. I'm here to change that.

1. She drums like an absolute badass

2. She rocks a snapback better than anyone I've ever seen (and I've been told I rock a snapback pretty well myself)

3. This picture

4. She also rocks a flannel better than anyone else  (the flannel says "Puppies Over People" on it so like)

5. She loves dogs and dogs love her

6. Whisk(e)y princess

7. She's a strong, smart, feminist, lesbian, woman of color who holds her own as the only woman in a band with four dudes. I think that's enough.

8. Pretty sure she's the life of the party

(I'm the death of the party, so we'd make a pretty good team I feel like)

9. She and her gf are really cute

10. That's all. She's just really pretty, okay? Wow.