Ivanka Trump Defended Her Silence About Sexual Misconduct Charges, and Frankly, She Should Not Have To

Today an article was posted in the New York Times called “Ivanka Trump Calls Question About Father’s Sexual Misconduct Inappropriate” by Niraj Chokshi. The article appeared to be about how Ivanka Trump disagrees with her father on some political issues, instead of how a reporter asked her if she believed the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Is this seriously what the author is arguing, that Ivanka Trump can have different opinions than her father?

Let me repeat myself: This article is calling into question whether or not Donald Trump’s daughter can have political differences from her father. That is the wrong question to ask. If I had read that part of the article, and only that part, I would assume they were talking about being pro-choice or anti-choice, or something to that degree. The article, in fact, is a question of loyalty.

Instead, Ivanka Trump is now stuck in this place of either supporting her family’s integrity by defending the charges brought against her father, or supporting women. First of all, if she supports her father in this, I do not see her as anti-women, I see her as pro-family. It would be one thing if she were asked about the accusations towards Harvey Weinstein, or any of the many other men accused of sexual assault. But this was about family. This question should never be tolerated towards a family member, no matter what political party they align themselves with.