Its Cuddle Weather, Here’s How To Keep Yourself Warm Without a Significant Other

It’s getting to be that time of year again: the leaves have changed colors and are starting to fall to the ground, ‘Toga ALREADY had it's first snowfall (a little presumptuous on Mother Nature’s part amiright?), and the coming months are going to start getting colder and all the Skid Kids are going to commence hibernation. Those with boyfriends or girlfriends have another human body that can warm them up, that they can cuddle with and watch as the single guys and girls try to keep themselves warm without the body heat of their S.O. Luckily, if you are single, you don’t HAVE to struggle during the 6 months of winter that we endure at Skidmore. Here are some ways to keep yo’self warm this cuddle season:


  1. Blankets: It’s like a hug for your entire body! Honestly fuzzy, fluffy, warm blankets that you can wrap around yourself like a shield against the cruel, hard winter of the Capital Region of New York are what I LIVE for. 


2. Blanket scarves. BLESS the person who decided that the blanket should be an accessory. Really and truly I have used my blanket scarf as a blanket on more occasions than I’d like to admit and they do not disappoint! Plus, it’s like walking around outside wrapped in a blanket, but you look stylish as hell.


3. Cuddle with your damn friends! They’re there for a reason, and are probably looking to be warmed up too. Then, you don’t have to worry about looking nice-ish when cuddling with your friends, they’ll accept you in all your dirty-haired, groutfit ways. 


4. Body pillows: Need I say more? I will anyway, to stress the importance of the body pillow. It molds to your body shape. It doesn’t move around and make you lose your comfortable position. It doesn’t talk. It doesn’t have bad breath. I could go on…. 


5. Make your own self warm and cuddly. Put on that 10-hour clip of the fireplace we all know exists on Youtube. Make a cup of hot chocolate, or buy one from Burgess. Chill on your window seat (if you’re in the dorms) or in your living room (if you’re in the apartments or a house). Watch one of those holiday movies we all know by heart. Wear all your sweaters at once to really feel the warmth. 


You don’t need a S.O. to make yourself feel nice and cozy this cuddle season, you can go on with your bad self and find other ways to stay warm.