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How to Plan Your Life But Also Live in the Moment

The title of this article in and of itself may seem paradoxical, but I am discovering there really is a way to plan ahead and still live in the moment. Look forward to the future, think about it, even plan in excruciating detail, yet remain utterly engrossed in the one current moment you are currently living. One of my favorite quotes speaks to this paradox, “Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die tomorrow.”

College is a time when we as students are constantly planning our weeks and months before they happen. From thinking about what classes to sign up for next semester to where to live next year; ultimately, all of college is career planning from choosing classes to what to major or minor in. Even as a freshman I feel this push to start thinking about my interests since starting to take required classes towards whatever major I choose will make life easier. I have already started thinking about it and making lists about the requirements of department I am interested in. So that’s the planning segment: list making and looking forward to the future.

Simultaneously, I know that I will only be in college once and these four years will somehow fly by as high school did. Every moment counts, and so far, I have been taking advantage of the opportunities I have here at Skidmore. From going on an overnight trip with the outing club to going on the Hillel retreat to Lake George, I truly have been living moment to moment. And I take each task or assignment one at a time, keeping me focused on one thing and on being fully engaged in that moment.

Remember, no matter how much work you have to do for your classes now, one day you’ll miss this assignment or this moment because it was worth something. Each moment no matter how terrible it seems, is worth living. Interestingly enough, the negative aspects or moments of our lives are really what teach us something, allowing us to grow. Try to see the bigger picture but still engage in every moment possible.

Samantha Berger

Skidmore '22

Samantha is a Class of 2022 student at Skidmore College. She's had several photography, writing, and communications internships in and around her hometown of West Bloomfield, Michigan. This includes photographing for Laurie Tennent Studios and the Jewish Community Center of Metro Detroit as well as writing for Downtown Publications. In her free time she loves to run, travel, ski, watch movies, and hang with friends.
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