How to Make the Most of a Study Break During Finals 

Finals are almost upon us. It sucks, but there’s no way around it. We have to take them. Here is a list of easy, effective, and time-efficient ways to give your brain a rest while you’re wasting away the next three weeks in the library. 

1) Take a walk around the quad 

There’s nothing better than getting a little physical exercise in. I recommend walking around the quad because there are always people around to talk to, and countless sensory experiences to distract your brain. 


2) Guided meditation 

If you haven’t done this before, you might not believe that this is a viable option, but give it a try! I used to be convinced that meditation didn’t “work” on me, but guided meditation phone apps were a total game changer. I recommend Buddify. It’s a free application with short, 5-10 minute guided meditations for every part of your day. 


3) Call a family member or friend from home 

When life gets stressful or chaotic, we can all use a little outside perspective. Calling someone you trust outside of the Skidmore community can act as a reminder of the relative insignificance of one round of exams. 


4) Go grab a snack on campus 

It doesn’t matter how behind on work you are, you have to eat! Never underestimate the power of brain foods, many of which are sold in Burgess and served in D-hall. 


Remember, you are not your grades. If you do well, that’s amazing. If you mess up, you are still the bright, motivated, passionate person you have always been. From all of us here at Her Campus, remember to take care of yourself this finals season!