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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

Okay, so I know the title is a little ridiculous. But seriously, how do you get and lose a guy in less than 24 hours? Our country has changed so much since the presidential election, and it has split not just on politics but also on morals. 

You guessed it, I ended a romantic situation because my political morals differed from his. At first, this might seem strange. Who cares if he voted for the other candidate, or even didn’t vote! I mean, should one decision about politics make or break a relationship? Of course not. 

The issue was less that he did not go to the polls to vote for the candidate he chose, and more the politics and morality that went along with his choices. Now, I am not saying that you lack morals if you voted for a different candidate than I did. It is also not important to know the candidate I voted for (although I am a female Skidmore student from Boston who writes for HER Campus, so you could probably guess who I voted for). 

Let me just let you in on some more information about what can end a relationship in less than 24 hours: don’t talk about meeting a significant other’s family less than a day after the relationship starts. Also, for those of you who I do not know personally, I have a physical disability called Cereberal Palsy. It can be annoying sometimes (try carrying hot coffee without being able to control your shoulders), but it is part of who I am. I have had Cereberal Palsy for 22 years, so I have learned to deal with it. But when this guy was talking to me about meeting his family, he told me that they might make jokes at my expense when I meet them. He was already talking about all of this less than 24 hours after starting the relationship. Excuse me?

Again, dear readers, if someone tells you that their family will not accept you because of something you cannot control, they are not worth it! You deserve better, even when the relationship lasts less than 24 hours!