How To: Breakfast Bowls

One of our HC Skidmore writers, Ruby, has an envy-worthy instagram (follow her at full of pictures of her delicious and nutritious breakfast bowls. She shared some of her favorite recipes with us below, and we can't wait to try them!

The Basics:






Bowl 1

What you’ll need:

            - Vanilla Yogurt

  - Granola

            - Banana Chips

             - Almond Slices

            (All ingredients available in Dhall)


Bowl 2

What you’ll need:

            - Peach Yogurt

                                     - Granola  (available in Dhall)

         - Chia Seeds

                             - Frozen or fresh peaches


Bowl 3

What You’ll Need:

                                              - Any flavor yogurt (available in Dhall)

            - Fresh raspberries

                                        - Almond Slices (available in Dhall)

                             - Granola (available in Dhall)

  - Chia Seeds