Is He Actually Cute? Or Is He Just Tall and Athletic?

You are sitting in the cafeteria, and you see a cute boy walk by your table. He’s wearing cuffed jeans, high top converse, and a quarter zip that reads “lacrosse”. He’s got wavy brown hair, and a smile that would blind the sun. But you also can’t help but notice how tall he is.

Wait, so is he actually cute? Or is he just tall and athletic?

It is a real dilemma, ask any male-lover.

There has to be some scientific evidence that proves that taller guys are perceived to be more attractive! I mean, in Big Time Rush, the Tuxedo Effect was proven, but what about that Tall and Athletic Effect?

Picture the cutest, tallest, and the most athletic guy you know: if he were a couple inches shorter and played the french horn, would you still be equally attracted to him? Probably not.

Don’t get me wrong, short-french-horn-playing boys are cute too--we stan a musical king.

But being tall somehow amplifies the cuteness factor by like 5000%. I mean think of Benedict Cumberbatch. In 2013, the world fell in love with him, but was it all an illusion?!

While we may never truly discover the secret to what makes tall and athletic guys perceivable more cute, at least we can enjoy the view.

So cute-tall-athletic boy, we see you, and we like what we see.