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HC’s Top 5 Spring Trends

Spring is in the air! No doubt, one of the best parts of spring is the fashion, and even though these trends come straight from the runway and designer labels, any collegiate can make them work.

1. Peplum Tops, Skirts and Dresses
This style is feminine, flirty and fun. Who doesn’t want to add some texture to an outfit? Take a bright color top (try neon!) and add a different color belt for a sophisticated look. The dresses and tops are great for a night out, and the skirts are perfect for a more sophisticated event, like an interview or a family gathering.
2. Colored and Printed Jeans
The colored jeans trend has been around for a year or so, and it is definitely still in. so don’t throw that colored denim away! But for a new twist, printed denim is hot right now, especially spring floral patterns. A gorgeous designer collaboration that shows off this trend well is the Current/Elliot and Diane von Furstenberg launch.

3. Color-blocking
Bright colors are always a spring must, but this trend goes a step further. The fun part about color-blocking is that though you can buy a color-block dress or outfit, you can simply take solids from your wardrobe, play around with the colors and see which combinations look best!

4. Peter Pan Collars
Who knew collars could be so fun? Embellished collars and shaped collars, (known as Peter Pan collars), are starting to make the transition from the runway to the everyday. You can buy tops and dresses that take on a more feminine approach to the trend (think Taylor Swift!) or you can DIY. Just buy a cheap collared shirt from a craft or fabric store, and apply any kind of embellishments or lace that you want with fabric glue! Wear it under a solid color shirt or dress for a real POP! Stores also sell collar “necklaces” that can be added to any outfit.
5. Colorful Blazers
Make a fabulous statement with a bright blazer! Blazers aren’t just for your parents’ office anymore. They are great for spring, when you want to wear a tee, but don’t know if the weather will allow. They’re also perfect for a Saturday night out downtown to wear over a cute dress or a top and pants. Since the blazer is so lightweight, this trend can be carried into the early fall, too!
Everyone knows Skidmore is a fashion-friendly campus. So take a fashion chance this spring to try out one of these fabulous, hot trends! You’ll be receiving compliments in no time.

Cara is a Senior at Skidmore College, where she majors in Gender Studies, and minors in Sociology. When not studying at the library, she works in retail, interns, participates in student government and tries to keep up with all the latest fashion news!
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