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HC Playlist: Rainy Day

Don’t feel bad: we all get in music ruts. When your iPod is craving something new and different, turn to us for music to fit your mood! We’ll be whipping up new playlists until our iTunes libraries are exhausted, so stay tuned!

It’s no secret that on rainy days, all we want to do is relax alone in our rooms. We can try to be social, but at the end of the day it’s that alone time we’re dying to get to. So when you’re not re-watching season one of Girls, make this playlist on Spotify and just kick back. It’s a little bit sad, a lot bit calming, and overall pretty perfect, if we say so ourselves!

Dead Hearts
Hazy Rosi Galon and William Fitzsimmons
Set Free Katie Gray
DistractionsZero 7
AngelsThe xx
Atlas HandsBenjamin Francis Leftwich
Skinny LoveBirdy
DisplacedAzure Ray
This Is the ThingFink
Here BeforeLissie 
ChallengersThe New Pornographers
My Little DoveI Hate You Just Kidding
BloodThe Middle East
Thinking About YouBig Scary
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