Get to Know Broccoli

If you're a senior in the Class of 2017 Facebook group, you know what's going down. If you don't: Broccoli is currently the winning theme for Senior Week. There's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding its rise to power, so we sat down with broccoli itself to get the inside scoop.*

Her Campus: What inspired you to start this campaign for a Broccoli themed Senior Week?

Broccoli: I was inspired by a popular lack of interest that I was seeing in the other possible themes for the week. Broccoli is the only theme that is non-discriminatory (because ‘90s could exclude non-American students and Camp Skidmore could exclude lower-income students who have never been to summer camp).

HC: Did you ever imagine this campaign would spark something inside the Skidmore Senior class to this extent?

B: The BROC THE VOTE campaign has spanned further than I could have ever dreamed. It excites me to see a large population of Skidmore who share a belief in the same idea, particularly an idea that some deem “silly.” Skidmore students are more creative and weird than the school gives us credit for and the popularity of Broccoli has really proven this true.

HC: Give us a few examples of some Broccoli themed events you’d like to see during Senior Week.

B: - Pin the tail on the Broccoli.

-Veggie Wars.

-Capture the Broccoli.

HC: How have your four years at Skidmore prepared you to lead the Senior Class into a Broccoli themed Senior Week?

B: The people I’ve come to know in my four years have prepared me for this momentous possibility. Each individual at this school has their idiosyncrasies and deserve a theme that is as unique. In no way will I lead this Broccoli themed week, but I will certainly be the voice of the people who are fed up with clichés. If the people want Broccoli, then you better believe Broccoli will be the theme for our Senior Week.

HC: What kind of Broccoli swag have you put some thought into for the Senior Week gear?

B: Broccoli t-shirts and buttons will be available regardless of the elected theme. Broccoli supporters deserve Broccoli merch.  

HC: Why not spinach?

B: Because its shape isn’t as fun.

HC: Do you have a message for all the fans out there, rooting for you?

B: I am truly humbled by your support. I thank each and every Broccoli supporter from the bottom of my heart. Let’s continue to BROC THE VOTE to make this Senior Week better than ever.

* EDITOR'S NOTE: Her Campus Skidmore neither endorses nor denounces any Senior Week 2k17 themes. Profiles =/= endorsements or agreements. This is all fun and games.