Five Times I Sobbed During the This Is Us Season Premiere

Did you just finish watching the season 2 premiere of This is Us? Are you now a human puddle of tears? I am. Here are 5 times I (and probably everyone else) broke down during season 2 episode 1.


1) When Jack tells Rebecca the truth about his drinking 

Let's be real...if Milo cries, we all cry

2) When Rebecca tells Jack to come home

Not even a minute later in the episode and more tears. We JUST recovered! But when Jack opens the door, he also apparently opens the floodgate of tears

3) When Randall walks in on his parents fighting  

No one wants to see Jack and Rebecca fight - NO ONE!

4) When you realize (for the 500000 time) what a precious human Randall is

Come on, Randall and a baby? This is just a tear-fest waiting to happen

5) When YOU FIND OUT!!

You know. I know. I am changed. We are all changed.