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Fall Fun Day: What Freshmen NEED to Know

While upperclassmen are all too familiar with Skidmore’s most epic tradition, this year’s first years will barely have time to hear rumors before Fall Fun Day. Usually, we wait all year anticipating and preparing for Fun Day. This year, for the first time, Skidmore is hosting its most popular event in both Fall and Spring!

First years: it’s time to cram. We only have one week to prepare for the best day of the year. Here’s what you NEED to know.

  1. Everything goes on Fun Day. I like to think of Fun Day as a day without rules. Wear your craziest outfit, dance wildly, and remember: this is the day to let loose!
  2. Be safe. While Fun Day is a great day to really let yourself party, it’s important to remember your limits and stay safe. You want to have a good time, and you certainly can’t do that if you are passed out before noon!
  3. Enjoy the attractions. On Fun Day, Skidmore provides us with the most awesome entertainment. Bouncy castles, live music, free food—it’s basically a carnival on steroids. Take advantage of everything!
  4. Don’t forget to bring: a water bottle, a camera, a sweater (while we all want to wear our cutest crop tops and shorts, the weather rarely cooperates) and a blanket or towel for lounging on the grass.

Most importantly, get excited! Freshmen—I can promise you that Fun Day is an incredible Skidmore experience that you will never forget! Want to know more? Check out photos from our recap of Fun Day 2011!

Skidmore, class of 2015, Neuroscience major. Writer, runner, artist. Also loves skiing and crafts. And baking her famous biscotti. :)
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