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I have loved makeup for the longest time. I find that two similar shades of eyeshadow are indeed not the same. I have accumulated so many different products over time… I’m obsessed. However, there is so much waste in my daily routine, anywhere from packaging to products used. I believe that individual action matters. Even the smallest action will make a difference, even just encouraging others to follow you! I’ve researched some different beauty products that are more environmentally friendly and won’t change your beauty routine.


1. Reusable and washable bamboo or cotton pads

These are a great alternative to one-time use cotton balls or pads. These can be found on so many different websites. Amazon, for one, has hundreds of brands to choose from. They often come in packs of 16-24 with a mesh bag to wash them in. How cute!


2. Compostable makeup wipes 

If you’re constantly on the go and always have makeup wipes in your bag, try biodegradable or compostable makeup wipes. These are also an easy alternative to a wasteful product. If these don’t work for you, try the reusable cotton pads with a travel size bottle of Micellar water.


3. Bamboo makeup brushes

One of the most wasted products are those of plastic. Plastic is the largest component of municipal waste. Makeup brushes with bamboo rods are ecofriendly and will stay sturdy throughout years of use. There are also makeup products created with bamboo packaging, such as Antonym and Elate.


4. Buy products in-store versus online

Like I said above, packaging is one of the biggest forms of waste. Instead of having your makeup shipped form online stores, buy your products in-store. You’ll save the extra packaging that isn’t needed, and you’ll save money on shipping, too. On top of the packaging, you’ll avoid emitting extra emissions from transportation via truck or plane. There are so many stores surrounding you that sell makeup such as Target, Ulta, Sephora, Lord & Taylor, and Macy’s. Take advantage of them!


5. Clean beauty brands

In my opinion, ecofriendly behavior isn’t just about avoiding waste. It also consists of cruelty free testing, veganism, ethical sourcing, and natural ingredients. All of the above will protect the environment and those creatures that live in it. Clean beauty is definitely on the trend. Brands, such as Lush, Dirty Hippie Makeup, Bite Beauty, Tatcha, and Drunk Elephant, are great starting points to check out. Although some may not be mainstream brands, they are still of great quality and worth the try. Think about researching them before buying!

Hi I'm Abby! I'm a junior. I'm studying International Affairs and Psychology with a minor in French.
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