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Drowning in Apples: Or, What To Do With 90+ Apples

This week I went apple picking with two of my housemates, and it was all fun and games – until we really sat down and thought about what we were doing. The apple orchard we chose requires that each person entering the orchard purchase at least a peck of apples, and a peck equals about 32 apples, meaning that, combined, the three of us took home over 90 apples.

            Current state: drowning in apples. And I’m already sick of eating them plain.

            Before I start to go crazy and throw apples through a window, my housemate and I decided to sit down and think about all the possible things we could do with our 90+ apples. Here’s our top ten, just in case you ever find yourself sitting on the floor surrounded by 90 apples. This kind of sounds like a horror movie. Happy Halloween.

  1. Make an apple pie, obviously! (No shame in a store bought crust)
  2. An apple crisp is even easier than an apple pie.
  3. Go bobbing for apples! I feel like this activity was in every Halloween episode of every TV show I watched as a child, but I’ve never met a person who’s actually done it. No better time to try than now.
  4. Make some apple cider! (You can make it hard, too, if you’re 21+)
  5. Easiest thing to do: make applesauce.
  6. Have a peanut butter apple sandwich. Practically no effort is involved, but still more exciting than an apple on its own.
  7. Make an apple cinnamon cake/bread.
  8. Make apple pancakes, which are objectively better than banana pancakes. Jack Johnson can take me up on that.
  9. A Halloween classic: the caramel apple
  10. Just eat them. @ myself: suck it up, they’re good for you.
Gwen is a senior, English major, and co-CC of Her Campus Skidmore. She spends a lot of time watching Pretty Little Liars and Fixer Upper, listening to music, staring at her comptuer screen and wishing words would come easier, and waiting for the New York Islanders to win another Stanley Cup (preferably at the Coli). Also, she really likes cheese and is trying to learn to skateboard. It's not going very well.
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