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The Drastic Measures


It’s 6 p.m. on a Tuesday and while most of us are eating, sleeping, studying or doing a combination of those things, there’s a talented and dedicated group of students singing their hearts out in Zankel. Skidmore’s Drastic Measures are one of two co-ed a cappella groups on campus and our only charity a cappella group.

For those of you who don’t know, being a charity a cappella group means that all of the group’s proceeds go to a charity (usually local) that the group chooses at the beginning of the year. None of the money they make from gigs or performances goes anywhere except to the charity. They’ll even do one-time performances to help raise money for local groups and senior centers. (Pretty awesome, right?)

When asked what their favorite part of being in the group is, all of the Drastics echoed similar sentiments: making friends who have a common interest and having a home away from home with their fellow members. Also, bromance. One of their other favorite parts of being in the group is the connection with the community created by the charity aspect. Getting outside of the Skidmore “bubble” can be difficult, as we all know a little too well, so it gives them an opportunity to really be a part of something bigger.

In addition to being a charity a cappella group, the Drastics are also quite successful competitively. Last year, they won the quarterfinal in the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) and competed at the highly competitive semifinal at MIT. This year, they are competing in the Turning Stone A Cappella Showdown in November.

If you want to learn more about the Drastics, you can check out their Facebook page, or their YouTube channel, and follow them on Twitter. Don’t miss their jam on December 5th!


Drastic Measures Members


Tory Waldron (Vice President/Secretary, 2015), Eli McCormack (2016), Lindsey Kellstrom (abroad) (2015), Allie Chipkin (2014).


Lauren Jackson (2016), Christine Pardos (2014), Emily Streim (2014), Katie Martucci (2016).


Jack Mallory (Co-Music Director, 2015), Sam Kastner (Co-Music Director, 2015), Gabe Glissen-Brown (2014).


Will Zhang (President, 2014), Harrison Lipton (Co-Publicity Director, 2015), Dan Plumer (2016).

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