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Dorm Room Dining: The Best Mini-Fridge Microwave Meals

Dorm-room cooking may conjure up nightmares of 4am fire alarms and the persistent stench of burnt popcorn, but, if done safely and correctly, cooking in the dorm doesn’t have to result in a visit from Campus Safety. Although a gourmet meal may not be on the menu, with the help of a microwave, the Atrium Café, and well-stocked mini-fridge, you could be preparing simple and tasty late night snacks in no time.
Sweet Snacks
Making sweets in your room is easy with the right ingredients, and the Atrium sells all the components you’ll need to whip up these treats.

  • When a chocolate craving strikes, blogger Cakespy’s chocolate cake in a mug is the perfect solution. Prepared in the microwave, this cake is convenient and definitely satisfying.

  • When your homework is literally driving you nuts, why not take a break from studying and make something a bit more crunchy and delicious instead? Once again with your common room microwave, you can make Bon Appetit’s peanut brittle in a few minutes, just as delectable as stovetop brittle.
  • Looking to feed a crowd? Chex Muddy Buddies are the perfect snack to serve when for some dorm-room entertaining. In this classic recipe, chocolate chips, peanut butter, butter, and vanilla are melted together in the microwave, poured over Chex cereal and then topped off with powdered sugar. With the endless combination of Chex flavors, you can make Buddies using Corn, Rice, Wheat, or Chocolate cereal. This flexibility also enables you to make Muddy Buddies for your friends with special dietary needs. The recipe can easily be adapted using gluten-free (Corn Chex) or vegan ingredients.


Savory Snacks
Cooking in the dorm doesn’t only have to be dedicated to desserts.
The microwave can serve up many surprising dishes, and even though you may not have access to much fresh produce in the dorms, you can still whip up some delicious savory snacks by stocking up on small amounts of the essentials, like eggs, cheese, and butter in your mini-fridge. Another advantage to home made snacks is the portion and ingredient control to ward off any signs of the freshman 15!

  • A good night out almost always ends with a guilty pleasure and why fight the crowd at the Spa on a Saturday night when you can make those crave-worthy nachos right in your dorm? All you need is a plate full of your favorite tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and a few minutes in the microwave, and almost instantly you’ll have nachos with cheese melted to perfection.
  • If you find your stomach grumbling and don’t feel like going to the dining hall for Late Night, the Kitchn blog shares some very easy and filling recipes that are suited for dorm life. A recipe inspired by the book, Picture Yourself Cooking With Your Kids by Beth Sheresh, this single-serving version of mac n’ cheese is comforting, hearty, and delicious, and can conveniently be cooked up right in the microwave.

  • Another unexpected microwave treat is poached eggs. The Kitchn offers an easy to use “How To Poach an Egg in the Microwave” recipe to ensure that your attempt doesn’t result in an eggy microwave explosion.

Cooking meals in your dorm room may not yield the most fancy results, but it is fun to experiment and explore new ways to use the resources you have on hand. Next time you’re craving some home cooking, you won’t have to settle for Doritos and Vitamin Water. 

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