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The Diva Cup Review: More Tampons for Me!

I was very excited to be the receiver of the Diva Cup. I had heard great things about it from a couple of friends and was intrigued by its benefits. I’ve been trying to move away from the typical pharmacy tampons by buying the pricier organic cotton tampons; but either way, I still had to change it every 8 hours. I never slept with a tampon in because I was afraid I would forget about it and leave it in for too long. Now, with the Diva Cup, I am excited to spend 12 hours of my day without worry. Tonight, I will be sleeping in my cute pajama bottoms without the concern of any leaks.

WORST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. It was great waking up without any leaks, however, what I thought was going to be a great day ended up being quite unpleasant. As soon as I woke up, I headed to the bathroom to remove my Diva Cup. It had shifted a bit during the night, and it was a little bit harder to grab the stem. I tried for about 20 minutes but I just could not manage to wrangle it out. I decided to take a break and get ready for my day, figuring it would move down a bit as I walked around. 30 minutes later I was going for round 2, and the thing had moved further up! I yelled down to my housemate to see if she could google what to do. NONE of her suggestions worked, so I faced two options: continue to try for another hour to get it out or head to Urgent Care.

I decided to stay safe and I headed to Urgent Care with my best friend in tow. Let me tell you, the nurse practitioner that removed it for me had never even heard of a menstrual cup. The Diva Cup had suctioned itself to my uterus and was not budging a bit. In the end, she had to take some scissors and cut it to release the suction. My friend and I could not be closer after that day….

While the Diva Cup may be great for a select few, I will tell you it was one of the worst experiences of my life. What I expected to be great ended up causing me to miss 2 classes. While the nurse practitioner was yanking this thing from my uterus, I felt like I was giving birth. Except there was no baby or prize at the end. I wish all the best to future Diva Cup users and I am very jealous of those of you who are able to successfully use it.

Back to my pricey tampons! 

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