Colton Underwood: The 2019 Bachelor

If any of you are dedicated Bachelor/Bachelorette watchers, you know how AWFUL Arie Luyendyk Jr. was to Becca (the 2018 Bachelorette) in the 2018 season of the Bachelor, and how Becca broke Colton Underwood’s heart and gave the final rose to Garrett Yrigoygen. #bachelornation was torn between the Colton and Garrett when the Final Rose episode aired. It comes as no surprise that Colton will be the next Bachelor, and I think we are all ready for that.

For those of you didn’t watch Becca’s season of the Bachelorette, here are a few things that about Colton: he is from Indiana, he was a pro-NFL football player, he’s 6' 2, he is a virgin, and in addition to dating Becca, he dated Tia (also on Arie’s season) for a brief period of time.

Colton got his heart broken by Becca, but he is ready to find ‘the one,’ get married, and have kids. While it may seem like he might be a little arrogant, he really is not—he’s a puppy. He has an adorable face and is hard not to love.

This thoughtful man is about to go on “journey that is going to change his life” (that’s what all of the bachelor and bachelorettes say). He is ready to find love and give his all to her. He is a very thoughtful man, and I cannot wait to see all the women he is about to meet (and see if I can guess the one on the first episode).

Stay tuned Bachelor Nation, because this season premieres January 2019!