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Christmas Sweaters to Get You in the Spirit

I’m a big fan of getting into the holiday spirit, regardless of the holiday in question. Find me on October the first watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and hanging up jack-o-lantern window clings, or on November tenth wearing a turkey headband, or on February second drawing hearts everywhere, or on March third…… downing pints of Guinness and shots of Jameson… or, more appropriately, breaking out the Christmas sweaters once December first hits. 

In an attempt to help everyone else get into the holiday spirit this year I’ve: put up a Christmas tree in my apartment (despite the fact that half my housemates are Jewish), begun blasting Christmas Spotify playlists, ordered two (count ’em, 2) advent calendars and, now, I’m putting together a list of the best Christmas sweaters to don this month.Y You’re welcome. 

1. Target: 

Target is KILLIN the Christmas sweater game this year! I bought the most adorable one there last night, but can’t seem to find it online. In lieu of that, here are some of my favorites, from everyone’s favorite retailer. 

A KOALA on your Christmas sweater!!!!

This one lights up so, like…

Honestly the men’s section of Target is where it’s at
2. ASOS: 

Honestly, is there anywhere better than ASOS for clothes? Probably not. 

BAAH Humbug I can’t believe this

As lowkey as it gets, but also as #real as it gets at the same time

Inclusive and shiny!!
3. Forever 21:

Because it’s everyone’s ideal cheap retailer 

I don’t think I’ve ever related to a sweater as much as I do to this one

Who hasn’t dreamt of turning into a snowman to avoid finals week?

This is potentitally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Bonus night dress that I am going to buy immediately when I get paid on Friday

Happy Holiday Shopping!



Gwen is a senior, English major, and co-CC of Her Campus Skidmore. She spends a lot of time watching Pretty Little Liars and Fixer Upper, listening to music, staring at her comptuer screen and wishing words would come easier, and waiting for the New York Islanders to win another Stanley Cup (preferably at the Coli). Also, she really likes cheese and is trying to learn to skateboard. It's not going very well.
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