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Celeste Calderon: Environmental Science Student

Celeste is a sophomore who is pursuing her interest in environmental science. To learn more and give back to the community, she works with Gomez Veggie Farm for her sustainable agriculture class. Check her out! 

Name: Celeste Calderon

Year: 2016

Major: Environment Science, Spanish

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Her Campus (HC): Tell me about what you do for your sustainable agriculture class.

Celeste Calderon (CC): Sustainable Agriculture (ES 252C taught by Nurcan Atalan-Helicke) is a class that studies the effects of modern day agriculture in American and how that is causing climate change.  Currently, we are producing food at rates that nature cannot withstand and if we continue to use industrialized farming we can deplete our basic resources (ex. water).  The class is very hands on, in which we have guest lecturers, field trips to local farms, and group projects.  My group project has a partnership with a local farm, called Gomez Veggie Farm.  We are constructing a website for them, volunteering at the Saratoga Lincoln Baths Farmer’s Market, and working onsite at the farm. 

HC: What does a typical day on the farm look like for you?

CC: So far we have been once to the Gomez Family’s Farm. Due to this year’s harsh winter, the farming season was minimal.  When we arrived to their farm all crops outside were dead, however they had two functioning greenhouses.  As the snow is the melting and the weather is getting warmer, the farm has to be prepared for the spring and summer season.  What we did was first reconstruct a fence around the future crops.  This surprisingly took up most of the day.  Afterwards, the Gomez’s were so generous that they cooked us an authentic Mexican dinner.  Most the ingredients used came directly from their farm!

HC: What is your favorite part?

CC: Everything is my favorite part!  Just having the chance to work outside of Skidmore Campus is wonderful.  The Gomez family reminds me somewhat of home.  We both share the same culture, Mexican, and it makes me feel lest homesick.  Also the fact that I can learn outside of the class makes my learning more enjoyable.  It gives me sense of what I want to do once I graduate Skidmore. 

HC: What is the most important thing you have taken from this experience?

CC: Like I said, before my Sustainable Agriculture class has helped me create a solid career path.  My future after college seems more secure to me.  After graduation, I hope to move back to San Diego, California and potentially work on a farm and be in the sustainable agriculture business and lifestyle. 

HC: Any advice for other students who might be interested in getting involved?

CC: For any student that loves environmental science and has a high appreciation for locally grown, healthy, sustainable food should definitely take this class or talk to Nurcan Atalan-Helicke.

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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