Brie Wood-Dunbar '14

Brie Wood-Dunbar '14

Flannel: Dad's closet

Jeans: paperdenim&cloth

Shoes: Otz from CorkFit

HC: How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as practical and comfortable. Funky at times and often creative. Somedays I wanna wear a skirt and lipstick and other days I wanna wear jeans and a hoodie. Because I'm in the ceramics studio a lot, most of my clothes are "worn." Hey, I get for free what some people pay mad $$ for!

HC: What's your go-to item?

My go-to item is this dark orange pashmina scarf that goes with everything from hoodies to dresses.

HC: How are you transitioning your look into spring?

Spring for me means breaking out the Birkenstocks, cutoffs and flowery dresses! Can't wait!

HC: Where do you like to shop?

I tend to buy quality over quantity, but I gotta say a good deal at H&M is hard to beat! Also hand-me-downs and clothing swaps are a great way to save $$ and clothing waste!