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The Best and Worst of Chowderfest 2013

This weekend was Chowderfest 2013, one of the best Saratoga events of the year. If you didn’t have a chance to head over but have been wondering what went down (or are prepping for next year), never fear – I have the recap of the good, the bad, and the yummy.  


The Best

Wheatfield’s – This classic New England chowder was full of tangy flavor that was even a little sweet and absolutely- delicious. It was even topped with season oyster crackers—the winner in my book.

Hattie’s – This soup was creamy and Cajun with a full-bodied mix of flavors. Creative and delish!

Seven Horse Pub – This was last year’s winner, and they certainly brought it again this year with a southern comfort-inspired chowder that even had cornbread on top.


The Riskiest

Sperry’s – This certainly wasn’t everyone’s taste, but if you like curry and Indian spices then you loved this unexpected chowder. Brownie points for mixing things up!


The Safest

American Culinary Foundation – This was a good first start to the day but somewhat soupy and uninspired. The tortilla chip on top was a nice touch, but the rest was pretty basic.

Phila Fusion – My favorite restaurant was serving some of their yummiest dishes, like hot and sour soup and Pho chicken. However, the dishes were right off of their normal menu, with no actual chowder in sight.

Maestro’s – This was smooth and creamy but very generic and with no distinct flavors. Good try, but not a winner.


The Biggest Disappointments

Max London’s – This tomato-based chowder was very oily and packed with strange seafood. It had a bit of a kick, but that couldn’t make up for the unpleasant flavor.

Druthers – I was expecting a lot from this up-and-coming restaurant, and they let me down big time. The soup was fishy, awkward, and practically inedible. They should probably just stick to their mac-and-cheese.


Highlight of the Day

Bettie’s Cupcakes – This cupcake haven is not only delicious, but as I learned yesterday, it’s also nut-free! Biggest thrill of the day for me and my allergies!


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