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Beatlemore Skidmania 2012


Everyone at Skidmore is familiar with Beatlemore Skidmania. It’s one of those events like The Hunt or Morbid that has an aura of mystery behind it. There’s talk of radical bands and amazing music, but you can’t fully understand it until you experience it yourself.

Beatlemore came from the mind of Professor Gordon Thompson, who has taught a Beatles-themed seminar since 2001. The semester following 9/11 at Skidmore was bleak and depressing. So, when a couple of students asked if they could play Beatles music, Thompson said yes, hoping it would help liven up the campus. It couldn’t have worked better. Even though they weren’t able to make the show an official concert, the students did not give up. They decided to perform on study day; there was no advertising, no flyers nor shirts to sell. It was just plain, simple and unofficial fun.

It was a sweet success! So sweet, Professor Thompson decided to do it again the next year and the year after that and so on. Each year had a different theme and a different tribute to the historic band. This year’s theme is 50; it has been 50 years since the Beatles started their recording career. Unfortunately, we do not have time for 50 bands to play. There were sixteen slots open and we can expect everything from a cappella to jazz to funk. It took Professor Thompson and his gang five hours to watch all of the video auditions. In his search Thompson said he was looking for how original and genuinely good the bands were. It came down to talent. We even got a hint that the gospel choir will be ending the show. Yippee!

One of the bands Thompson reviewed, The Hilary’s, are pumped for the concert. The event marks an important moment for the band. Beatlemore is the reason they’re a band! After the awe of getting accepting into the concert had faded they got down to work and began rehearsing. I will not give away all their secrets but get ready for the unexpected.

Students do not necessarily have to be in a band to be a part of the concert. In the past Professor Thompson has had students run and produce the show. They are able to sell t-shirts, learn about copyright infringement, taxes and accounting, and how to put on a show. They also learned about unofficial fundraising. In the past years, students have just passed around Skidmore backpacks asking for a donation to the Save the Music Fund. This year, there is a little more organization. Skidmore will be donating two-thirds of the money to Skidmore Cares and one-third of the money raised will go to the student financial aid. This concert is by students, for students.

The gig has grown. It has formed into an electrifying, crazed Skidmore tradition. To make it accessible to the entire Skidmore community, this year, Skidmore will be live streaming the concert in Boston and New York. No matter where you are and even if you cannot get a ticket, you should tune in and enjoy the talent our campus and friends have to offer!

My name is Elizabeth Reisen and I am a freshman at Skidmore College! I grew up in Summit, New Jersey, love anything related to chocolate and can buggy down with the best of them!!!
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