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Arrested Development: Prep for the New Season!

Get ready, collegiettes! After a seven-year hiatus, Arrested Development is set to return this May. On May 26, we will be reunited with the Bluth family for 15 new episodes, which will be released simultaneously through Netflix. Her Campus took the time to compile a list of five must-see episodes to get you excited for the new season.

Pier Pressure: The Bluth family has an interesting method for teaching lessons.

Amigos: On the hunt for George Sr., the Bluth family heads to Mexico.


Afternoon Delight: It’s Christmastime and everyone is in the holiday spirit.  Despite the Bluth family’s best intentions, there are once again some classic mix-ups. 

Beef Consomme: A bit of jealousy and a misunderstanding over the meaning of “hermano” lands Michael in a number of awkward situations.


The One Where Michael Leaves: Michael and George Michael head for the hills, yet they quickly realize they can’t escape the Bluth family drama.


Before the epic return, be sure to check out all three seasons of Arrested Development on Netflix. We can’t wait to see what this crazy family has been up to!

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