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Are You More Hallie or Annie?

We all loved The Parent Trap growing up, but now it’s time to find out which Lindsay Lohan you really are!


1. Do you have Class?

a. I have class, and you don’t

b. No, I’m just a vineyard girl!


2. Are your ears pierced?

a. All ready to go!

b. No, I need to get a sewing needle and an apple slice


3. Are you good at Poker?

a. Yikes! Time for a skinny dip in the lake!

b. A royal flush, mind you


4. Do you know of Leonardo DiCaprio?

a. Who?

b. You’ve never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio? Who are you??


5. Do you like dipping your Oreos in peanut butter?

a. I do

b. Can’t eat them without it


6. Do you have long or short hair?

a. Snip snip

b. Short! It’s hot in Cali


7. How would you scare Meredith?

a. Lizard on the Evian

b. Push her bed into the lake


8. If you tore a photograph in half, would you keep the left or the right side?

a. Left

b. Right


9. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?

a. I’m not a child

b. I love my Cuppy!


10. If your mother was a wedding dress designer and was taking a photo shoot with a bride and her veil covered the back of the dress, would you suggest she wear a white or black top hat under it?

a. Black

b. White



Congrats! You have a great London life as Annie James. Your sense of style is unmatched, thanks to your lovely life with Natasha Richardson.



Nice! You’re Hallie Parker, and you and your father ride horses together in sunny Napa Valley. Plus you get a pool!




Author’s Note: Did you guys realize that Hallie’s babysitter was named Chessy not Jessie? I didn’t and now I feel like my life has been a lie.

Lily Warshaw

Skidmore '21

Lily is a sophomore at Skidmore College, studying art history. She has partaken in multiple visual art programs and classes, and interned at Tom Sachs Studio and in the costume department of the McKittrick Hotel. She is not very comfortable talking about herself in the third person, and if anyone finds her water bottle please let her know.
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