Annabelle Kirk '17


Annabelle Kirk '17

Dress from Forever 21 and shoes from Dolce Vita

Rushing to and from class seems to be on the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. Obviously, this should be of the utmost importance since we're here at Skidmore to learn, but why not wear a killer outfit even on your most hectic of days? First year student Annabelle Kirk shows us how it’s done.


Her Campus: Where do you like to shop?

Annabelle Kirk: I love anywhere cheap; I love consignment. My favorite stores at the moment are Artizia, Zara, and Madewell. Website:*.


HC: How do you define your style?

AK: Style? Hmm, it’s a huge mix. Depends on the day or the situation, but I love to dress up! I like to mix “trendy” with old stuff for the perfect combination.


HC: Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

AK: I don’t really have any favorite celebrity, but I think the Olsen twins have interesting taste.


HC: And most importantly, can you share any tips for how to create a great outfit in a pinch?

AK: When I’m rushing I like to be comfortable; leggings and tights are my go-to pieces. My favorite color to wear in the winter is black. 


*Personal side-note: I had never heard of or visited before, but I did some investigating as I was writing this post... I’ve concluded that it’s awesome! Everyone go check it out, especially if you’re looking for that special something. This website is filled with interesting silhouettes and one-of-a-kind dresses perfect for your most hectic day.