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Andrew Craig

Hometown: Belmont, MA
Class Year: Senior (2013)
Major: Management & Business/Spanish
Hobbies/Activities: Longboarding, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Hiking and Sculpture.
Relationship Status: Taken
Your best feature?
People tell me I have nice eyes, though I like to think I have a bit of a badonk-a-donk.
Biggest turn off in a girl? 
Some girls just don’t smile and can’t take a joke.
Perfect date?
Something awesome like shooting bow and arrow/handguns followed by an aquatic scuba adventure/hike followed by a shower followed by dinner in a happening metropolitan area followed by missing the reservation, switching to plan B going back to my place and making steak-tip omelets while watching Goldeneye.
Who is your celebrity crush?
Rashida Jones.
Most played song on your iPod or favorite song of the moment? 
Boiler Room # 69 or Burden of Tomorrow by The Tallest Man on Earth, for those introspective autumn days.
Favorite guilty pleasure TV show or movie?
No Reservations and Top Gear.
Funniest Skidmore memory?
The Hunt 2009 and the aggregated Fun Days. Lord have mercy.
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