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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

Name: Renato Dornelas

Year: 2018

Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Major: International Affairs

Minor: Media and Film Studies


Her Campus: What made you want to become an RA?

Renato Dornelas: My RA influenced me a lot. As an international student, I had trouble adapting to a both a new culture and new country. My RA showed me the campus, introduced me to Skidmore students, and encouraged me to join clubs. She encouraged me to help others out with their transition and I felt empowered to offer support and to help out. As an RA, I want to help students transition into college.


HC: What has been the most challenging aspect of this job?

RD: The most challenging aspect is time management. Of course, I have to supervise the floor and students, but I also have weekly reports I have to fill out.


HC: Who is your favorite freshman floor member?

RD: You guys.


HC: How has being an RA affected you most?

RD: It’s much more meaningful than I thought it would be. Many students see me as someone that can actually help them, and that is very meaningful to me.


HC: How do you feel about quiet hours, really?

RD: Pissed off! JK. There’s a lot to be done.


HC: Penfield?

RD: I didn’t choose Penfield, but it’s fun! A big number of my sophomore friends live here, and I absolutely love the other RAs that we work with.


HC: Who should be the next RA?

RD: Anybody who is communicative, responsible, and respectful.


HC: Favorite films?

RD: The Sound of Music, all the Harry Potter movies, and The Name of the Rose.

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