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9 Ways You Know it’s Fall at Skidmore

  1. Approximately 19 people are taking a picture of the same tree. To be fair, that was one was really photogenic tree.
  2.  Rapid decline in Birkenstocks. Either that, or an increased use of socks n’ stocks. 

  3. Squirrels are out and about…We all know the squirrels play an important role on this campus, and that role is to confuse and disturb us. So, it’s only fitting that a telltale sign of fall is their lovely presence.

  4. Is it too late to be taken off the email list? While not a characteristic of the environment, you truly know that fall has set in when you realize that signing up for 15 clubs was a horrible mistake.

  5. 20 degrees in the morning, 60 in the afternoon? This is where layering comes in. It’s probably the most important tactic for fall here. Also, this begins the “Oh, yeah, I’ll just wear sweatpants for my first class and change later!” phase.

  6. You’re feeling festive!

  7. The west coast kids look like this: 
  8. Northwoods walk and chill?
  9. Incredible sunsets!

Why are sunsets always better in the fall? Gonna throw some science at you real quick, straight from weather.com:

“During sunrise and sunset, light from the sun must pass through much more of our atmosphere before reaching our eyes, so it comes into contact with even more molecules in the air. Much of the blue light gets scattered away, making the reds and oranges more pronounced. During this time of year, weather patterns allow for dry, clean Canadian air to sweep across the country, and more colors of the spectrum make it through to our eyes without getting scattered by particles in the air, producing brilliant sunsets and sunrises that can look red, orange, yellow or even pink.”


Living life, eating trail mix, playing quidditch.
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