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8 Ways to Get Out of Hanging Out With Friends

Sometimes you just want to stay in and watch tv, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, if you’re like me, you feel bad bailing on plans you already made…so here are some suggestions to get out of plans at the last minute.


1. Sorry, I just saw this! Next time!!

Who is going to question if you just say it or not? Sure, they might have an idea, but are they really going to question it? Nope, they won’t. And adding the “next time” really makes them feel comfortable that you do want to hang out, you just didn’t see their text.

2. I have so much homework, I am sorry!

YUP. We all have too much homework. Even if it’s the weekend, this excuse will get you out of almost any social commitment. Homework is overwhelming and takes too much of our time. Any reasonable person will understand that you need to sit this one out to “study” (aka just watching Netflix in bed).

3. I have to study for this exam.

Personally, I feel like I have an exam or paper due every other day. Schoolwork comes before socialization for most Skiddies, so friends that don’t understand this one just want you to fail (or have an easy major…jkjkjk).

4. Sorry, I fell asleep…

I don’t know if I know someone who hasn’t said this to me…and I believe it. Us college students are ALWAYS falling asleep because of the unrealistic expectations of professors. This is just so relatable and now you can go to sleep without worrying about disappointing your friends.

5. I don’t feel good, and I really don’t want to get you guy sick.

Okay so this one can be tricky because if your friends are also sick they might say, “We’re also sick, so you can’t get us sick.” If that happens, just simply say that you really don’t feel good and need some you time.

6. I am exhausted

This one is all too real… I don’t think I’ve met a college student that isn’t always exhausted. If your friends claim that they are also tiredd, simply say, “I won’t be much fun, I really just need sleep.” Your friends will definitely understand where you are coming from.

7. I really just need some me time right now

If they fight you on this, they are not your friends. Everyone needs some me time, and there is nothing wrong with that. Personally, I think this one will really get you off the hook, so you can re-watch the Office for the 5th time.

8. I’m really grinding right now

No one is going to tell you to stop your work to come hang out. Everyone knows how much homework we have, and your friends really should understand that you have endless homework.


Personally, I just tell my friends the truth, because they know me very well, and I can’t lie for shit. Some of these options may be honest, but if you’re in doubt just be honest. People appreciate it in the long run.

India Lovaas

Skidmore '21

India is a neuroscience major on the pre-med track at Skidmore College. She grew up in South Africa, and has lived in Colorado for the past 12 years before college. She loves the outdoors, science, dogs, and skiing. Her favorite food is potatoes, and you can usually catch her in the library doing her homework and studying.
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