8 Reasons to see Civil War

I am a Fangirl. The sort of clumsy, generally disoriented, but blissfully passionate fool that, most often, finds herself deeply involved in some sort of fictitious daydream. These excursions can take me on wild adventures ranging anywhere from a smooth Impala ride back from a rough hunt with the Winchesters, to a leisurely hike on Endor alongside my Ewok brethren. Lately though, my imagination has been trapped in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), alongside the man who, despite only existing on comic book pages and in film-scenes, is the potential love of my actual life, Steve Rogers. Played by the utterly kind and very handsome Chris Evans, Steve Rogers’s immense courage, compassion, tenacity, and resilience transformed him, with a little help from some super-serum, into Captain America.


My love for this iconic super solider began in middle school, when my love for reading dragged me, very much against my own will, to the graphic novel section of my school library. It was there, huddled in a beanbag chair with busted seams, that my love for Marvel began. Now, as some of you may know our third installment of the Captain America film franchise hits theaters on May 6th. Captain America: Civil War is going to take the beautiful MCU to which we have become accustomed and flip it upside down, and I could not be more excited, or, frankly, terrified, to see it happen.


Here are my Top eight fangirl reasons to get “super” (ayo) stoked about Civil War:


1)   It’s a movie, above all else, about family. Granted, it’s more about what can happen when a family is torn apart by differing loyalties and diverging opinions, but you get it. Right?

2)   Chris Evans is in it a lot, which is really great because he’s a star that deserves only good things in life.

3)   It features really positive strong female characters, like the incredibly courageous Scarlett Witch, and the badass Black Widow.

4)   It’s also a movie about friendship, and how far Captain America is willing to go for his best friend, Bucky Barnes. We should all have a friend like Cap, shouldn’t we?

5)   We get to see more of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, which, frankly, changed everyone who saw it for the better. 

6)   It’s got a lot of those cool superhero-landings that look really tough on the knees. Like this one:

7)   Speaking of super-hero landings, did you see the feature hero of that gif? That’s right! This movie features our friendly neighborhood Spider Man!

8)   All MCU movies are action-packed, hilarious, and fun for the whole family. Honestly, what’s there to not be excited about? Nothing.