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7 Ways You Know You’re Blair Waldorf

Everyone knows Gossip Girl, maybe not the plot but definitely the iconic style of those Upper East Side teens whose lives we so desperately followed. There is one Queen that we absolutely cannot forget, Blair Waldorf. Every queen has her following but some ladies are born to lead. Here are some ways you know you are Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

1. You never met a headband you didn’t like.

2. You and your boyfriend are the power couple of the century.

3. You have resting bitch face and you’re not afraid to flaunt it.

4. You can plan a party in a minute.

5. You also know how to actually party.

6. You are a loyal BFF.

7. Shopping is your problem solver, and your killer wardrobe is evidence.


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Sara Pion


My name is Sara Pion, I am a student at Skidmore college and originally from Boston Massachussetts. I love all things fashion and doing DIY crafts.
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