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7 Must-See Fall Movies

Disclaimer: These movies are already on our personal must-see list, but they also are suggestions for you; we understand if you don’t agree with our choices. With an awesome fall line-up like this one, though, we’re sure you’ll find something to love!

Don Jon

(September 27)

Before saying anything else, we must note that this movie is a Joseph Gordon-Levitt pet project. He wrote, directed and starred in it. Isn’t that information alone a good enough reason to go see it?

JGL plays a New Jersey native (with the accent to prove it) whose obsession with porn leads to unrealistic expectations for his sex life and interferes with a budding romantic relationship. Scarlett Johanssen plays his love interest, and she has her own set of expectations from watching rom-coms all of her life (which is like me only minus the slamming bod and New Jersey accent). Basically, it looks like they had a lot of fun making it, which will make fun to watch. Check it out here:



(October 4)

This movie is a sci-fi/thriller that has received rave reviews at every turn. Starring Sandra Bullock as a medical engineer and George Clooney as a veteran astronaut (super realistic, right?), they wind up completely adrift in space after an accident. Critics are calling it gripping, intense, and thrilling. Sandra Bullock is a rare breed in today’s Hollywood, which makes the movie all the more interesting to watch. Judge for yourself here:


Captain Phillips

(October 11)

Based on a true story, this movie tells the story of the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, a U.S. cargo ship. Tom Hanks stars as the titular character and a very talented newcomer, Barkhad Abdi, plays the leader of the Somali pirates responsible for the hijacking. Tom Hanks has always mastered the everyman, and this movie seems to showcase it. Definitely worth a trip to the movie theater—even if they haven’t opened the new Saratoga Springs cinemas yet. (Seriously, will they ever open them!?) Watch the trailer here:


Romeo & Juliet

(October 11)

Although our initial reaction was, “Really, another adaptation?” this version seems quite promising. Hailee Steinfeld (of True Grit fame) stars as Juliet and Douglas Booth, a young Brit, as Romeo. Paul Giamatti plays the friar and Ed Westwick (a.ka. Chuck Bass) plays a spirited Tybalt. It will hopefully recapture the essence of the Zefirrelli version (1968) and we can all pretend the Baz Luhrmann one didn’t happen. Check out the trailer here:



Twelve Years a Slave

(October 18)

Another movie based on a true story, this one tells the tale of Solomon Northrup, who was born a free man but kidnapped and sold into slavery. The main character is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, a relative newcomer (although loyal Joss Whedon fans know him as the operative in Serenity) and he has received rave reviews. With a cast to end all casts—including Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender (as a truly terrifying slave owner), Benedict Cumberbatch, and Alfre Woodard, to name a few—this film should be amazing. Emotionally gripping, while simultaneously terrifying, this has all the qualities of a classic. Check it out:


Thor: The Dark World

(November 8)

This is a controversial choice, but if you like superhero/sci-fi/overall epic movies, this is right up your alley. Also, Tom Hiddleston. Honestly, Loki is far more entertaining than Thor. The new villain is played by Christopher Eccleston (of The Ninth Doctor!) and it looks like he’ll do a great job in the role. It looks to be a fun romp through the nine realms. See the extended trailer here:


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

(November 22)

The reasons this movie is on our must-see list should be obvious. As avid fans of the books, our expectations for this one are very high, especially since The Hunger Games was done so well.

For our fellow book fans out there, it looks like the Peeta-Gale-Katniss triangle will get more screen time in this movie, which is undoubtedly a good thing. (Although Gale is looking less attractive since his IRL ex-fiancé came out with “Wrecking Ball.” Happy rebounding, Liam!) Jokes aside, here is the trailer:


Which movie are you most excited to see this fall? Tell us in the comments!

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