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7 Most Addictive Websites

It’s midterm season and we know that you’re looking for websites to procrastinate with (besides Her Campus of course!). Here are some of our favorite, most addictive sites—we dare you to close your laptop before 2am.

1. Pinterest
What is pinterest? It seems like everyone has been talking about it recently.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share images from the web. You can follow your friends to see what they “pin” and your boards can range from clothes, quotes, crafts, animals, and food (who doesn’t enjoy all of those things?).
2. I Waste So Much Time
This website has everything but the kitchen sink. With a collection of random pictures, memes, and videos, almost all hilarious, it’s hard to stop scrolling. The website is constantly being updated so there is always something new.

3. Lamebook
Who doesn’t love funny Facebook statuses?  Lamebook is a collection of the best Facebook statuses, photos, conversations, and messages.  It also has links to other entertaining websites such as passive-aggressive notes, regretsy, UHPINIONS, WINNING AT EVERYTHING, and AsMyJunk.

4. Sporcle
We know that as a SkidGirl, you’ve got beauty andbrains. Sporcle is a website full of quizzes that test your knowledge. For a quick ego boost, you can test out geography, history, music, movies, entertainment, religion, language, science (the list keeps going). The “random quiz” button generates a quiz from any category in case you’re really feeling brainy.

5. USA Today Crosswords
Thought it was impossible to be productive while wasting time? Think again. Crosswords are a fun brain-booster that takes off a bit of the guilt in procrastination. USA Today puts up a different crossword daily with the difficulty of the crossword increasing as the week progresses.  On this webpage you can also find a daily Sudoku puzzle, word round up, up & down words, and quick cross.

6. Perez Hilton
Do you love to read about all of the latest gossip? So do we, which is why we read Perez Hilton. This website is a compilation of short articles that are accompanied by video clips or pictures. Perez himself loves to embellish the gossip with hilarious captions of the paparazzi snaps. The website has expanded to including sections: CocoPerez, which is about celebrities and fashion, FitPerez which is focused on fitness, health, and wellness, TeddyHilton, which is about animals, and Perezitos, which is about kids and parenting.

7. Betches Love This
Even if you do not consider yourself a “betch,” you probably know someone who fits the description. This site writes sarcastically articles on television shows, movies, and music reviews along with other articles that are necessary to know about if you are a “betch.” Its main feature is the “betch list,” which lists situations and people that “betches” confront.
Paired with your favorite late night snack, this list will definitely get you through those long nights of studying. Good luck with midterms, collegiettes! 

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