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7 Fitness Instagrams Everyone Should Follow

Now that Spring Break is here, summer is right around the corner, collegiettes and in these cold ‘Toga winters (and springs), its hard to find the motivation to leave the warmth of our rooms and haul our butts to the gym. If you need some motivation, here are some great fitness Instagram’s to check out for a little extra push!

Fit_with_el is a personal trainer from Australia. In addition to having some killer workout clothes, she also posts workout videos to try! If you like high intensity workouts, give this lady a try!

likeagirl_fitness is small but mighty. She prides herself on being 5’1 and ready to take on anything life throws at her. She posts daily workout videos and never hesitates to throw a motivational quote into the mix. You wont lose motivation with this girl!

For those of you bendier than others, shadesofjoy.co posts some great yoga tutorials. From sunny Dubai, this self-taught yogi makes the hardest stretches seem do-able with her how-to videos! If you are looking to take your yoga practice to the next step, try her out!

katefit_ uses a great combination of strength training and yoga incorporation in her workouts! She takes this step by step and even has her own youtube channel if you want to spend more time watching this girl do some motivating stuff!

This fit chick posts high intensity interval training workouts almost everyday! And if that isn’t enough for you, she posts some delicious and healthy recipes as well!

bagsandbunnies shows us that even after having a baby, she can still have a rockin’ bod! She posts daily workouts and yummy recipes as well as showing off her personal style.

This stretchy Aussie is some serious motivation. Not only does she have her own stretching guide, but she keeps her long-n-lean bod in shape with circuit training and is not afraid to share her secrets! 

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