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The 6 Types of People on the First Floor of the Lib

With midterms upon us (yikes), most of us collegiettes find ourselves spending a little too much time in the library. Of course, we last-minute crammers aren’t the only species to be found; check out the six people you see on the first floor of the library and see if you can spot them yourself!

1. The Flirt

This is the guy who you always see in the library, but who you never actually see doing any work. He just spots a Campus Cutie he knows (or kinda knows) and starts hitting on her like it’s last call on Caroline. Back off, bro, I’m editing a twelve-pager on Descartes and haven’t showered in two days; I’m not exactly looking for love! (Just kidding ,of course I am.)

Notable Quote: “Hey there, whatcha workin’ on?” followed by a flirtatious smile.

2. The Gossipers

The TMZ of campus, this is the group of kids huddled around a table who procrastinate by gossiping about whoever they spot across the lib. You don’t want to eavesdrop, but you can’t help but want to know what they’re whispering about. Besides, how else are you going to hear where the best parties are, or who on the lacrosse team is now single?

Notable Quote: “Yeah, that dude from the Banders is cute, but isn’t he hooking up with _______?”

3. The Shhher

We all know that the first floor is most the social place in the library. It’s not exactly the place you go when you have a lot of reading or need to bang out six chapter’s worth of organic chemistry problems before an exam tomorrow (oops), but there’s always someone trying. They sit with their headphones in, roll their eyes and make it very obvious that they think everyone is being rude and annoying.

Notable Quote: *Gives you a death-stare for eating potato chips*

4. The Old Person

Who are they? Do they work here? Are they someone’s grandparent? Do they live in town? It’s kinda cute… but also a little weird.

Notable Quote: “Excuse me, do you know where the copier is on this floor?”


5. The Apathetic Senior

This person has full-blown senioritis and isn’t the least bit afraid to show it. They should be prepping for a debate tomorrow, but they’re having way too much fun on Tumblr instead. Besides, what’s the point? Three months left ‘til graduation, am I right?

Notable quote: “I’m just so over doing work, let’s go to happy hour.”

6. The Lib Dweller

Surrounded by take-out containers, a mug of tea, and a pair of slippers, they’ve basically set up camp at a computer and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. They’re super-friendly, but you’re a little worried for their overall sanity. They’ve started to take the phrase, “I’m living in the library this week” a little too seriously, and you wonder if they bother to go home at night or just sleep under a desk.

Notable Quote: “I’ve basically spent the last three days here, but I’m halfway through this paper on gender equality in Malaysia!”

It may be beyond frustrating to share your study space with these, um, unique creatures, but hey—a little people-watching is one of the best ways to procrastinate, right? At least they keep things interesting!

Have we missed any special lib studiers? Share your observations in the comments!

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