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6 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Thanksgiving

As the days get colder (snow flurries, what?!) and we all start wearing actual coats, we have to accept that winter is around the corner. Fortunately, this means that something wonderful is going to happen this week: Thanksgiving! The beautiful holiday that serves as a valid excuse for gluttony is coming soon, so get excited.

If you’re having trouble seeing the upside, check out these reasons to cheer up:

1. Food

Turkey, stuffing, potatoes of any kind, cranberry sauce, and pie are staples for most of our Thanksgiving feasts. And they are all delicious. Get ready to eat lots of food (that you’re not paying for) until you can’t move any more.

2. Sleep

It’s been a long semester. Almost everyone is short on sleep at this point in time, so it will be nice to go home and get some sleep; you’ll come back well rested and ready to kick butt on your finals. (Or at least, more ready than you would have been otherwise…)

3. Relaxation

As much as we all love our independence, it’s nice to have a few days off from having to take care of everything ourselves. We already said it, but we’ll say it again (because it’s important): you don’t have to pay for food! No grocery shopping or anything. It’s nice to give at least a small part of your brain (and your wallet) a break.

4. Reunions

Most of us have held on to a few select friends from high school, and it’s nice to see them in person instead of over Skype. Whether you choose to grab a coffee, see a movie, or catch up over homemade cookie baking, the world (of your hometown) is your oyster. We all love our Skidfriends, but it’s nice to talk to old friends who lived through the awkwardness that is high school with us.

5. Family

Yes, families can be overbearing at times, but at the end of the day you all love each other. Try to think of all of their best qualities, even (and especially) if snide remarks make their way into the dinner conversation. Make the most of your time with them—you’ll be missing them come finals!

6. Holiday Season

For those lucky folks who are celebrating Thanksgivingukkah, you get a double dose of the holiday season. For the rest of us, Black Friday and Thanksgiving signal the beginning of Christmas (at least in the retail world). You can start listening to your Christmas playlist (you know you have one) and watch all the movies you wanted to watch during the rest of the year (but felt it wasn’t socially acceptable). Yes, we’re talking about Elf, White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life, to name a few.


Needless to say, there’s a lot to be excited about. Look forward to Thanksgiving while you trudge through the rest of November.

Let us know what you’re most excited for this Thanksgiving in the comments below!

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Liz Estey


Liz is a junior at Skidmore College. She is an English major and and an avid French horn player. In addition to academics she is Vice President of Active Minds at Skidmore (part of a national organization committed to raising awareness and decreasing stigma around mental health). When she's not trying to do ten things at once you can find her trolling BuzzFeed or watching Netflix, and occasionally doing both simultaneously.
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