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5 Ways to Make the Most of Spring Break

1. Get into a regular sleep routine

This is the most important thing you can do for yourself over spring break. I know that with midterms the last couple of weeks I was not getting much sleep, and it has definitely started to take it’s toll on all aspects of my life. Getting enough sleep will make you happier, keep you healthy, and prepare you to do your best for the remainder of the semester. I know it can be tempting to stay up until all hours of the night watching Netflix, but your body will thank you if you make the choice to go to bed on the earlier side.

2. Work out

I know personally, it’s hard for me to work out as often as I’d like to with all of the work that I have to do when school is in session. Spring break is the perfect chance to get back into a workout routine if you had one before, or maybe to try out a new workout class. Keeping yourself active even when you’re on break will make you feel much more energized when you return. 

3. Figure out your summer plans

March is crunch time for locking down plans for the summer, and as the month goes on it only gets more stressful. Take the week that you have home on break to keep up the search, reach out to potential employers, or schedule interviews. Once you get back to school you will get caught back up in academics and friends and it will be more difficult to focus on finally landing that dream internship. Do yourself a favor and try to get ahead while you have some free time. 

4. Freshen yourself up

This could mean getting a haircut, getting your eyebrows done, doing your nails; anything that will make you feel shiny and new when you step back on campus in a week. I feel like I barely have time to do any of these things when I am at school, so breaks are really when I get the chance to make myself feel more put together. Give yourself a spa day and do a face mask and paint your own nails, wash away the stress of the beginning of the semester and get ready to start anew. 

5. Get organized

Answer emails you’ve been meaning to answer, update your calendar with important events and deadlines until the end of the school year, or create a new organization system to keep track of all of the assignments you want to save. It’ll be a lot easier to get back into the swing of things when you get back to school if you know where everything is and are able to plan ahead to start assignments early. 

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