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5 Signs You’re in the Sophomore Slump

1. You’re napping more than you’re awake.

Have a free hour? Take a nap! Have an hour that you need to be using to do work? Still take a nap! It’s a vicious cycle of sleeping all day and staying up all night that you can’t seem to get out of. There are only a couple weeks left of school so it’s fine though, right?

2. Deadlines are more like suggestions.

Ah, remember when you used to take deadlines seriously? You find yourself sending in that paper due at midnight at 12:02 am but it’s not that important, right? Maybe the professor won’t care, or maybe it’s a good enough paper that the point deduction won’t affect you that much. Either way, you’ll take your chances. 

3. You start questioning all of your choices.

Is this really what I want to do with the rest of my life? Is college really worth it? Maybe I can change my major to something that will make me more money. OR I can change my major to something easier and more fun. Do I really want to go abroad? Where do I want to go abroad? You thought you had it all figured out, but now you feel like you want to change everything.

4. You need at least two cups of coffee before you can even think about going to class. 

If only there was a way to get coffee into your system before even waking up. You’re basically walking around in a tired haze until the second cup of coffee hits you, so your participation in your early classes is lacking. You could wake up earlier and have a leisurely cup or two before your first class, but you always end up rolling out of bed with 10 minutes to spare and grabbing a vending machine Starbucks on the way.

5. You prioritize Netflix over studying.

At this point you’re better at summarizing any given episode of The Office or giving an overview of all of the Friends characters’ relationships than you are at explaining the material for your upcoming exam. The library is just so far away. And when you do manage to get there, you can reward yourself every time you write a paragraph by opening Netflix in a new tab and watching a 20 minute episode. Whoops. 

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