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5 New Trends We Hope Won’t Catch On

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

Every year we watch (and cringe) as trend after trend takes to the streets after fall Fashion Week.  We’re sure you, like us, never thought fur jackets, fringe boots, or cut-out sleeves would ever actually be a thing… Joke’s on us.  So, true to form, this year we’ve noticed a few new street trends that we really wish would go right back to the runway.

Cutout Leggings

So, yes, cutout sleeves and dresses have so far been pretty successful, but does that mean every other garment has to follow suit?  Can we at least leave part of our body concealed? At this rate we’ll be closer to Swiss cheese than trendy hipsters.

Feather Head Pieces

Kate Middleton started sporting these dead bird-like accessories this past year, but she’s royal so we’ll let her do her thing.  Everyone else, on the other hand? We would strongly advise against it (unless you see a bird costume in your theme party future…).

Calf-Length Skirts

When floor-length skirts hit the scene, we were skeptical.  However, this hippie-influenced style turned out to be surprisingly flattering and elegant.  We can’t say the same about the new calf-length alternative. This might be the worst place to end a hemline, as it completely chops off legs, creating an awkward stump-like motif. Yikes.


These are our personal faves.  As if the idea of male leggings wasn’t horrible enough, ASOS decided to sell drop-crotch meggings… great. Are they pajamas? Would men wear them in public? The (attempting to be) edgy harem crotch combined with the boxer brief material is especially confusing. Note to males and boyfriends everywhere: avoid these at all cost, please.

Don’t get us wrong; we support unique style one hundred percent, but sometimes it seems designers have simply run out of good ideas.  All we can do is pray that the questionable trends don’t stick around for too long… or at least, that they don’t plague Skidmore.

Which trend are you dreading most? Tell us in the comments!