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5 Natural Beauty Products To Give Your Body Some TLC

If I had to choose the word that I wish people would use to describe my skin it would be “Glowy”. I strive to have that perfect, dewy glow. When it comes to my everyday beauty routine, I like to go for a natural look but, my “natural” look takes a lot of products to maintain – and I mean A LOT. At this point, you could say that I am the product queen/guru. I have very sensitive skin so I have always paid attention to the brands that I put on my skin. Recently, I have been paying special attention to not only the brands I use, but the specific ingredients in all of these products.  In narrowing down my hoard  collection, I definitely had to eliminate some products I really liked. But now my cabinets are now stocked with natural products (that aren’t tested on animals!!!) and I have never felt better. Below are 5 products that I am using and LOVING that will leave your whole body feeling great and aglow. 

1) Primally Pure Deodorant

Ok, LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. I have searched long and hard for a natural deodorant that works. After many sweaty/smelly days I thought effective, natural deodorant was a myth.  But let me tell you, this stuff WORKS. It glides on smoothly, and smells wonderful. I apply in the morning and smell great for the rest of the day. Even better, I work out (Flywheel/spin class/heavy sweating workout) and it still keeps me smelling lavender-y. I cannot recommend this enough. With natural deodorants there is a risk of rash from the baking soda. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend the sensitive deodorant which has less baking powder but the same power. 


2) Hello Toothpaste

Hear me out. I know natural toothpaste gets a bad rap but this one is REALLY good. Like really. Truthfully, my friend and I bought this because the box looked nice and we though “why not?” but boy was I pleasantly surprised. The product has no dyes, no parabens, no artificial sweeteners, no triclosan, and no microbeads. It is also Leaping Bunny certified and vegan. It also tastes great and really does whiten your teeth. For those with sensitive teeth who may have trouble with whitening strips – this is a fabulous alternative. Bonus: they also have non-whitening options, fluoride free options and toothpastes for kids!

3) Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel

Toner is an important part of my skin routine. The problem is, however, that toners can be really harsh! Thayers’ formula is the best for people who need a gentle but effective toner. 


4) Cocokind Treatment Sticks

These sticks are awesome. The MyMatcha stick is great for hydration. You can use it on your lips and/or anywhere that needs a little moisturizing love. It is also great for under the eyes! The Turmeric stick is a great, natural spot treatment. If  drying lotions are just a little too drying – this is a great alternative. 

5) Rose Water

Doesn’t have to be Glossier, Mario Badescu makes a nice one too. No matter the brand, rose water is a great, natural way to hydrate. Need some extra hydration during the day? Rose water is a great pick me up!



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