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5 Easy Strategies to Pass Midterms

Midterms are STRESFUL! These strategies tend to be looked over BUT can ultimately be very beneficial. Here are 5 tips to help you get through midterms: 

  1. Study Study Study

Whether you like it or not, studying is essential  during your college years. Send aside at least an hour a day for uninterrupted study sessions. You’ll be surprised at the amount you can learn when you are completely focused!

  1. Take breaks

As with anything, too much of something can be harmful. Breaks are very necessary when you’re studying for hours on end. Study for a an hour and treat yourself to a 15 minute break. But make sure your break isn’t too long! 

  1. Eat three meals a day

Food is important when trying to be successful on midterms (and always). It gives you the energy to study efficiently and pass that exam. It can be hard to take a few minutes for yourself but missing meals have more negative effects than positive. For a quick fix, try taking Dhall food to go, grab a granola bar or make a quick sandwich. Don’t miss meals, it’s not worth the hassle!

  1. Flashcards

Flashcards are a great strategy for studying. Repetition is really helpful for memorization. You can even take it a step further and create games with the flashcards.

  1. Friends

Although friends can be sometimes distracting, they can sometimes be helpful when studying. They can quiz you,  make sure that you stay focused on what you need to do, and even provide some companionship for those endless library nights.


Good luck with Midterms!


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