4 Ways to Escape the Skidmore Bubble Today

We all know how it goes. The semester drags on, the workload gets heavier, the trips to D-Hall get more frequent, and the trips off campus... less frequent. Or they, you know, just never happen. Your bed becomes your best friend and you spend all your time outside of your bed with your roommate and the same two other people. Soon enough you’re sick of them, but can’t think of any way to do things without them.  Before you know it, you have no idea what is going on anywhere in the world, and the Drastic Measures’ next performance seems like the biggest news since ComFest. Ladies, it’s time to escape – here are some of the best ways to get out of the Skidmore Bubble and experience the real world:

Go into Town

Remember when you weren’t constantly surrounded by people ages 18-22? There are actually places that aren’t solely inhabited by young adults—no really, we swear! Getting off campus is the easiest way to remember that other people exist. Go to a restaurant, do some work at Uncommon, get some shopping done; whatever it is, just spend some time with people you don’t see all the time. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing it can be!

Read the Newspaper

Ever feel like Obama could be coming to Saratoga and you’d have no idea because Skidmore operates in its own little world? Yeah, time to get a global perspective. Head into the atrium, grab a copy of the New York Times, and skim through it (and we mean more than just the crosswords section). Read the headlines, check the style section, and see what’s going on outside of North Quad.

Take Some Alone Time

It’s really easy to fall into a routine of going to Spa with the same people every day, watching the same shows with your girlfriends every Thursday night, and pregaming with the exact same people every weekend. If you’re someone who loves to be surrounded by people all the time, take some time and do your own thing for a little bit. This will give you a chance to break away from what you’re used to and reflect on your semester. May we suggest a solo matinee at the downtown cinema or a cappuccino for one at your favorite café?

Call Your Parents

Ask your parents about what is going on in their lives or what is going on in your hometown. These are the things that used to affect your daily life; don’t forget about them now! Talking to your family can really give you some perspective on what’s going on in the real world, where not everybody is the same age, concerned with the same thing, and only thinking about the end of the semester.

The Skidmore Bubble can get overwhelming – it’s the time of the semester to get away and re-evaluate. And who knows? Maybe you’ll love what you find outside of Skidmore’s beautiful brick walls!