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31 Awesome Electives to Take Next Fall

Not sure which classes to take next fall? Of course, you’ll want to get major requirements and Gen. Eds. out of the way (how thrilling…), but there’s always a little extra room for electives. Luckily, this fall’s electives look better than ever, so we scoped out some of the coolest ones for your pre-registration pleasure. Obviously, there are plenty of other awesome classes that didn’t make the list–we simply chose intro-level or the occasional 200-level course since those are the easiest for non-majors to access. Take a peek at our top choices; you might just stumble upon a course that strikes your fancy!

AA201 001 Foundations of Arts Administration

If you love drama queens and divas–but aren’t lusting after the spotlight–this is the class for you. Learn how to handle arts from the business side, including marketing and audience development, philanthropy, organizational structure and board dynamics, and labor relations. Plus, chill with celebs one day.

AN205 001 Mesoamerican Archaeology

If a future surrounded by beautiful archaeological wonders isn’t enough to entice you to take this course, consider the fact that Professor Heather Hurst is famous for her archaeological illustrations of Mayan murals. Plus, she’s a Skidmore grad, too, which means this course could be your first step to becoming the next Indiana Jones.

AS110 001 Elementary Sanskrit

When else will you have a chance to learn Sanskrit? By far the coolest of the foreign languages. Also, you’ll undoubtedly be better than Rihanna, who used Sanskrit to tattoo herself in a not-so-classy fashion, if you ask us.


FL244 001 Viewing China: Cinema

You know you miss these in the classroom:


BI344 001 Biological Clocks

Find out what’s making your baby-maker tick.

CC220 001 Classical Mythology

One word: Hercules.

EN229W 001 Imagining the Future

All about utopia and dystopia, life and death, progress and ruin. (Plus you get to watch Spike Jonze’s Her, which means this truly is the most modern course we’ve heard of yet.) So, are you ready for the red pill?

EN280 001 Documentary Film Writing

Be the writer behind the next Blackfish.


EN280 002 Writing Facts and Feelings

Like your diary, but legitimate literature.

EN363 003 Zombies/Monsters/Super Heroes

We could expound upon the virtues/amazingness of this course, but let’s just get to the most important point: you will be the best at surviving the zombie apocalypse.

EX119 001 Sport and Social Issues

No longer just for jocks, Sport and Social Issues is the best way for players and fans alike to learn how sport affects us, how it functions in American society, and how to think critically about its current state. (Because seriously, what the f@*% is up with curling?) At the very least, fulfill your social sciences requirement.

EX131 001 Intro to Public Health

Thinking about pre-med? You’ll definitely want to dabble in public health, which covers everything from disease prevention to socioeconomic determinants of health to yes, you guessed it, Sex Ed.


GW212 001 Women in Italian Society

We imagine that Italian women aren’t all like Sophia Loren, but hey, we really won’t know until we take the course.


GE211 001 Climatology

Someone please tell us why there is still snow on the ground. Please, pretty please.

GO227 001 Power and Politics in Russian History

We have a hunch that this will be important…


HI103 001 Medieval Europe

If the amazing Professor Erica Bastress-Dukehart isn’t enough to convince you to take this class (it should, btw), consider every King Arthur myth, Game of Thrones storyline, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail scene you’ve ever loved. Then find out where they came from.

HF 200 001 Writing About Music

Writing About Music student today, Rolling Stone writer tomorrow. See you on the cover page!

ID141 001 Mediation Training

Only a one-credit course, mediation training is short and sweet; it only runs from 9/20-10/5. It’s great not only for future business or law careers, but also for avoiding conflicts like this:

ID251A 001 Restorative Justice

Because clearly, there’s more to justice than the model we see in Orange Is the New Black. Let’s be better than this.

MB 190 001-003 Presenting the Brand Called Me

A.K.A. “Hire Me” 101.

MU205A 002 Indonesian Gongs, Chimes, Drums

Seriously, when else will you have a chance to learn this in your life? We’re going to go out on a limb and say probably never.

PA101R 001-004 Intro to Riding I (fee)

You’ve always loved Black Beauty. For a small fee, this could be you:

RE230C 001 Religion and Food

Like Eat Pray Love, emphasis on the eating and praying parts. Yum.

RE230C 002 Spiritual Autobiography

Whether your spirituality is of the religious sort of the “I am a bag of skin and bones” variety, you’ll find a path for you in this enlightening course.

RE330D 001 World’s End

In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy:

SO251R 001 Sociology of the Media

Please, someone figure out when this became acceptable in the media–to anyone. Also, figure out how to stop it from ever happening again.

SO251 001 Sociology of Sexualities

Sexuality may be innate, but the way that society views it is definitely constructed. Find out how sexual preferences and identities affect (and are affected by) communities. We’re imagining that the number one controversy you’ll cover is that of gay marriage, which fortunately has come a long way even since this gem of a video hit College Humor in 2012:

SW212 001 Social Work Values and Populations at Risk

Because this is seriously important stuff, and Professor Peter McCarthy is possibly one of the coolest professors at Skidmore. Also, you’ll definitely develop your listening skills.

SW217 001 Obsessions and Addictions

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess they aren’t talking about Netflix addictions, but hey, it’s all relevant.

TH101 001-002 Voice and Speech Theater

You don’t have to be planning for a profession in the spotlight to benefit from Voice and Speech Theater, which helps you come out of your shell, share, and feel more confident in front of a crowd. It’s also great for theater people, obvs. You may not leave with a voice to rival Idina Menzel’s (or Adele Dazim’s), but it’s worth a shot.

TH305C 001 Costume Construction

Whether you’re interested in making costumes for plays or get-ups for yourself (no judgment), you’ll learn the essentials in Costume Construction.

Which of these courses sounds the most interesting to you? Tell us in the comments!

Kate is the Associate Editor of Her Campus. Before joining the staff full-time, Kate was the Campus Correspondent for the HC Skidmore College chapter as well as an editorial intern, Love editor, and national contributing writer for HC. In addition to her work with Her Campus, Kate has been a Sex & Love stringer and digital editorial intern for WomensHealthMag.com and an Inner Circle Trendspotter for MTV. Kate graduated from Skidmore College summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and French. In her spare time, Kate is usually spotted writing fiction, playing tennis, reading pop culture blogs until her eyes hurt, baking cookies, or dreaming up her next travel adventure.
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