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  1. I love you – the most straightforward way to say you love somebody is to simply tell them. Of course, it can be more casual if the “I love you” is too soon or too serious. “Love you” or “Love ya” work soon.
  2. Tu me manques (Too muh-mank) – Translated from French, this means I miss you. However, the literal translation is “You are missing from me,” which is so much more meaningful. Thank you, romance languages!
  3. Text me when you get home – A simple saying or text that shows somebody you care about their safety or well-being when traveling.
  4. I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) – This is part of a poem by E. E. Cummings. Although brief, the phrase is so beautiful. It shows how much you love someone and cherish them with you every day. You carry their heart in your heart.
  5. أناأحبُّكِ(Ana uhibboki) – I love you in Arabic.
  6. You look beautiful (or handsome) – a compliment is always a subtle way to show your affection. 
  7. You’re my soulmate – You believe your souls were meant for each other. Romantic or platonic, it works both ways.
  8. You’re my one and only – This speaks early thousands love songs aka One and Only by Teitur. You’re showing somebody that they are your only love. 
  9. You give me butterflies – This is the lightest sentence you could say when they take your breath away and you’re starting to fall in love.
  10. You’re my sunshine – Especially on the darkest days, this shows your connection to someone who gives you the best comfort. 
  11. You light my heart on fire – This brings a more passionate love to the table for your significant other. 
  12. Eu te amo (oo chee ah-moh): I love you in Portuguese. 
  13. *I love you* in sign language: Face your palm out. Bend down the middle and ring fingers, while keeping the others up. This is how you can show someone you love them in sign.
  14. אניאוהבאותך(ani ohev otkha): I love you in Hebrew. 
  15. What would I do without you? – Acknowledging how much they do for you.
  16. Aloha ua ie ‘oe (a-lo-ha  ow  ē-a  o-weh)– I love you in Hawaiian. 
  17. You are my home – People sometimes say home is two open arms waiting for you at the end of the day. This has so much power.
  18. Les papillons dans le ventre (Ley pap-e-yon don leh von-tre) – This is butterflies in your stomach in French.
  19. Be my forever – To show your commitment.
  20. Everything that is mine is yours – This is the definition of becoming “one” in a relationship. 
  21. I fall for you more and more everyday – To tell them that your love continues to grow.
  22. You’re the reason I get out of bed in the morning – When all things go wrong in life, there’s that one person who motivates you through it all. 
  23. I will be by your side through everything – This gives them the confidence in your support. 
  24. You’re always on my mind – Letting someone know that you are thinking of them is simply a sweet gesture. 
  25. My heart skips a beat for you – This shows the young, exciting love where they make you giddy when you even hear their name.
  26. How was your day? – Yes, it is love. It’s so important to show others that care about their life.
  27. We fit together like a puzzle – Whether it be physically or emotionally, if you connect that well to somebody, there is true love there.
  28. My bed is lonely without you – Sleeping in the same bed as somebody is a high reliever of stress. It’s comfort and calm. Without it is lonely. 
  29. I love you to the moon and back – This tells them the immense love you have for them. 
  30. Remember when… – This is open-ended. However, when you recall a shared a memory, it really gets the feels going. For example, a first date, an intimate moment, a trip, or an activity are all great memories that will show how important all aspects of the relationship are.


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