18 Favorite Looks of the 100 Days Dance

Last weekend seniors had the chance to celebrate the 100 Days Dance. We at HC Skidmore loved the variety of outfits we saw that boasted different colors, patterns, and materials.  We picked a few of our favorite looks and asked collegiettes where they got their outfits. Check them out: 


Michelle Tarkulich – Forever 21

Vicky Janczyk – Topshop (Borrowed from Lee Ford’s closet)


Kelly Blackhurst – Kanvas

Allie Sosinsky – Chameleon (in Provincetown on the Cape)


Leah Wolff – Borrowed from a friend!

Robyn Baird – Urban Outfitters

Angelica Tsakas – Forever 21

Kate Moriarty – Topshop


Bailey Farrell – Saratoga Sundress

Martha Prince – Borrowed from her sister’s closet

Rachel Bowen – Saratoga Sundress